Decorative Jack Daniels Bottle



This Bottle finished with a high-quality silver metallic coating is perfect for those who love anything Gothic. The items which come together to form this piece are highly reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster with the visible zip and nuts & bolts around the body.

Combined with a few featured items such as the dice, a key, a miniature motorbike, bottle caps, a toy soldier and the binder clip which tops this piece off, you will be sure to love the character and charm that this bottle adds to any space.

Unique handmade decorative bottle perfect for displays and as a centrepiece. Built around a Jack Daniels bottle, we design a one-of-a-kind piece with a range of eclectic decorations and finish it with a high-quality metallic finish to give it that timeless feeling.

Perfect for weddings and centrepieces, decoration and as a gift. This item will serve as an eye-catching work of art that will have anyone who sees it talking.

Do you struggle to find the right gift that someone can cherish for years to come?

This beautiful decorative bottle serves not only as a gorgeous addition to any home or business, but also as a meaningful and thoughtful gift which will be treasured forever.